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Welcome to All Router WiFi Password - Router Settings application

All Router WiFi Passwords - Router Settings which help you to configure you WifI Router Settings Setup, or ROTER password settings configurations without using computer normal browser. Now it's easy to control or simply access into WIFI router settings with All Router WiFi Passwords - Router Settings app. The app will try to find the IP of your router and connect to it automatically. View information about your network and connect with ease to your router with good user experience. 

This app allows you to browse and change your Home WiFi Router Settings and gain information about your network. Application is a simple and free network tool which is able to see All Router Information from your smart device.

All Router WiFi Passwords - Router Settings app has options like






WiFi password management

Router password change 

Access to router settings 

Change WIFI internet password frequently 

Router settings

Wifi manager

Router manager

Router password

Simple UI design to easily understand it

Free to use

All with your mobile device no need to open computer

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