Top 10 Whatsapp Privacy Pro Tips in 2022

1. Use a WhatsApp lock – 

This is one of the most basic privacy tricks for WhatsApp users. There are many apps available that can help you lock your WhatsApp so that no one else can access it.

2. Be careful about what you share – 

Another important thing to keep in mind is to be careful about what you share on WhatsApp. Remember that once you share something, it can be seen by anyone who has your number.

3. Use WhatsApp’s privacy settings – 

WhatsApp also offers some privacy settings that you can use to control who can see your profile photo, status, and last seen time.

4. Don’t add strangers to your WhatsApp contacts – 


One of the best ways to keep your WhatsApp privacy intact is to avoid adding strangers to your contacts list.

5. Use a fake WhatsApp number – 

If you’re really worried about someone tracking you down on WhatsApp, you can use a fake WhatsApp number. There are many apps that offer this service.

6. Use WhatsApp in incognito mode – 

Many browsers now offer an incognito or private browsing mode. This mode doesn’t save your browsing history and can be used to access WhatsApp without leaving any traces.

7. Use a VPN – 

Another great way to protect your privacy is to use a VPN while using WhatsApp. A VPN encrypts your traffic and makes it harder for someone to track your online activity.

8. Don’t save media on your phone – 

WhatsApp automatically downloads images and videos that you receive. If you want to preserve your privacy, it’s best not to save these files on your phone.

9. Disable WhatsApp auto-backup – 

WhatsApp also backs up your chat history and media to Google Drive. If you want to prevent this from happening, you can disable auto-backup in the app’s settings.

10. Use a secure messaging app – 

If you’re really concerned about privacy, you can use a secure messaging app like Signal or Telegram. These apps offer end-to-end encryption, which means that your messages are safe from prying eyes.

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