World's Most Expensive Computers in 2021


We used computers many times but as more the features in computer the more price they have. Do you think which computer has the highest price in this era. Let's go I will tell you about the expensive computer and also tells you the feature, price, etc.


8 PACK ORION X2 is the most expensive computer in this era. As we know In this era we use gaming PC terms instead of a computer. The price of this PC is $43000 which is too much the highest. In Pakistan's currency, the total price is PKR 75,533,600. The processor of this computer is intel core i9 10980XE having 18 cores and 36 threads. Instead of the intel i9, it have also intel i7 10700k having 8 cores. It is a dual system PC with a dual processor. In the intel i9, we have CORSAIR 128GB ram and 24GB Graphics Card. While in the intel i7, we have 32GB DDR4 ram.

In the i9 primary system, you have 4TB Samsung SSD and 14TB HDD. And this storage is too much high. If we talk about the graphics of this computer, then I will tell you that in the primary system it has 3 NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphic cards. And it has the feature of independently working, water cooling functionality. While in the secondary system you can avail yourself by 1 NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphic card and in this system we have just one 2000 WATT power supply which gives power to both of the systems. If we talk about other specifications then in the pc cabinet we avail amazing lightning, colored liquid coolant which gives an amazing look. It is an amazing PC.

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