Top 5 Instagram Features you probably didn't know existed

Everybody loves to know couple extra sneaky tips so here are some Instagram features about which you didn't know.

1. Green Screen Stories

Green screen story has a lot of fun and it's a new filter that Instagram introduced under the filter section. Once you selected this filter then you can seen green screen appears behind you. And you can also add any media behind you. you can also pinch in and out to change the size of the media that you has been added. This is really cool filter to answer any comment that you have get on post. By this filter, you can also use video in the background. 

2. Picture Sticky

This features of Instagram , we have should got ages ago.  However, if you add some story and then click on the sticker icon and after scrolling down  and then you can see new gallery icon. When you click on it you can paste anything picture or video on the your story. It exactly looks like a sticker on your story. This is really an awesome feature by which you can stick any video or picture on the story.

3. Rainbow Story Ring

 Sometimes, while scrolling you have noticed that some of accounts have the rainbow circle around their profile picture. Its an awesome thing that Instagram does all in celebration of pride. When you head over on the text section and type in hashtag pride (#pride) and then selected it from hashtag section. After you type this you can see an Instagram gives you a notification. When you use this hashtag pride then you can get the rainbow circle around the profile picture.

4. Dual Camera

Dual Camera is going to blow your mind. So when you go to the story section if you swipe along at the bottom until you get dual. You will see you can now film with the front camera as well as selfie camera at same time. 

5. Pin Comments

 By this feature of Instagram, you can pin your favorite comment on your post.  When you found your favorite comment just click on it for a moment and then you will see the option of pin on the comment. By clicking on the pin option, the favorite comment will be pin on your post. Which is shown first of all from other comments.

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