Most Useful Apps to Buy Cryptocurrency

 These five cryptocurrency apps are available for both androids as well as ios. These apps provide you with everything need to trade cryptocurrencies.  This list of apps provides you everything which you need whether you are a beginner looking to pick up some bitcoin or an advanced trader who needs for staking and the latest altcoin listings. So, I will tell you about 5 crypto trading apps set out for you I will go over the key features of each trading app. I will tell you the fees of each and some other important information that you may need to know.

1. Coinbase

The first trading app is Coinbase. Coinbase is the number two crypto trading platform in the world by trading and is a popular choice for beginners. Coinbase is an app that focuses on ease of use and simplicity.
There is not a huge list of trading features or complex charts that you have to navigate through just to buy some cryptos. Coinbase is a service where a lot of first-timers will gravitate towards because it is a really simple way to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card or a bank deposit. You will get a small selection of the latest news stories on the home page which is a good feature, to be honest, that most of the other apps do not have. And the whole thing just feels more like a retail experience rather than a service for advanced traders.
Coinbase have a separte app named as coinbase pro which have some more feature than  coinbase. Fees on Coinbase depend on your purchase method. and are quite complex. Coinbase is a trustworthy but comparatively expensive way to trade. You can download this app on the play store by searching it.

2. Kraken

Kraken was one of the early trading exchanges and now has two apps Kraken, and Kraken pro. The Kraken app is a simplified way to buy cryptocurrencies and the pro app adds pro features like order books, charting, more order types, and more trading information. The Krakenpro app adds on some extras like being able to input a variety of different order types like limit orders, stop-loss orders, and even take profit orders. This gives you a lot of control over your trades and it's something I personally look for in a trading platform.

If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies more actively and want to see your trading levels then Krakonpro has that for you whereas Coinbase isn't really going to give you that same level of functionality. Kraken's fees are quite competitive overall as well with no fees at all for instant buyers the reason for that is they actually take a small spread in the price, So you will be paying a little more for your crypto but it just won't be shown as a fee. If you use Krakonpro you will be paying anywhere from point two six percent to point one six percent with fees coming down the more you trade. This is the very cheapest set of fees in the marketplace but it's mighty close and very competitive overall.
You can download this app from the play store. by typing on the search bar "Kraken".

3. Etoro

Etoro does have Etoro x, a fully-fledged crypto exchange, and an Etoro wallet,  a mobile wallet to hold cryptocurrency but the Etoro app will allow you to trade a good range of cryptos along with other assets like stocks and even funds. Etoro is a non-stop shop for trading. And so it could be a nice option for people that just want to sign up for one account and also be safe in the knowledge that their holdings can not get hacked.

The Etoro app will let you trade cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum, and kodano and keep those in your portfolio along with shares in apple and amazon. Etoro also has something called coffee trading which allows you to follow traders on the platform and copy their trades. You can simply set up a copy portfolio on the app and see how your investments get on.
Etoro is also a social platform of sorts allowing you to see posts and articles from traders and also see a list of the most profitable traders on the platform. Etoro fees are hidden within the price that you pay or receive when buying or selling so it's difficult to compare them to the others. Etoro also offers different types of trading. Etoro won't be a good choice if you want to get into the crypto ecosystem, stake coins, and cryptocurrencies.

4. Binance 

Binance is the real king of the crypto exchanges and trades the largest volume of crypto on a daily basis by a huge margin Binance offers many ways to buy and trade the cryptocurrency from beginner-style credit card transactions to complex leveraged trades. The app can be a little overwhelming for the first time there's a lot going on but you can ignore most options on there and simply go ahead and press the simple buy crypto button to buy some crypto with cash.
Binance really stands out because it offers many features directly in the app including the ability to stake coins invest with Binance earn and swap coins via their decentralized exchange in terms of a variety of features and extras.
Binance also has pretty much the lowest trading fees in the market at 0.1 percent and if you use Binance coin to pay your fees you will get a 25 discount taking your fees down to 0.075. Binance isn't just a cryptocurrency exchange but it's growing into an entire crypto ecosystem. You can download the Binance app from the play store.

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