Idea For an iPhone Or Android Application - Photo Notes

The Need:

All telephone clients over the world have some time or other felt the need to portray a scene or article to someone else on the opposite finish of the call. Anyway innovation has still not enabled us to click a photo and send it crosswise over as a depiction to discourse. Regularly the photograph must be clicked previously and notes are sent either verbally or in a different SMS.

The Setting:

The objective territory where such a need is well on the way to be satisfied is the advanced mobile phone advertise and their clients. Cell phones as of now have the ability to make telephone calls and snap photos. The better quality telephones like Androids and iPhones have the capacity to convey custom applications. The individuals conveying such mobiles frequently explore different avenues regarding their applications and might be progressively open to new applications like these. So this happens to be the ideal setting for such an application.

The Concept:

An application which consistently interfaces with the principle dialer application. This application will approach the camera just as be fit for utilizing a photo as a canvas to compose notes and fundamental designs (like circles, squares and bolts). The application ought to have the option to tap the photo and compose the notes while the call is in advance and send it as a sms/mms/web connection to the telephone number at the opposite end. That route there will be a consistent method to portray things while in the call.

The Use Cases:

One in number use case is investigating in modern fix situations. Regularly a field engineer isn't also prepared as a principle engineer sitting at the dept of upkeep. Such an application would make continuous remote fix conceivable. Another conceivable use case would be bearings for an individual coming to meet you. You could send a pic with your setting and a hover around the goal!

The Challenges:

There are obviously a couple of difficulties in growing such an application.

The telephone must have an amazing processor to perform various tasks this way (Snapdragon perhaps)

The application ought to have an essential paint like interface which perhaps hard to create in non-contact gadgets

The telephone ought not slow down the call or the voice lucidity while preparing the photograph

Despite these difficulties, the convenience of such an application would make the telephone a genuine resource. To this end I am composing the code for such an application for my android telephone. Wish me karma!

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Surajit Ray is a devoted workmanship and craftsmanship lover. He works with country and indigenous specialists from different pieces of India. He loves making tweaked workmanship pieces for recognizing purchasers.

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