An Apple Fanboy's First Day With an Android Device

With the iPhone, started an upset for the cell phone time. With the iPhone 3G being my first since forever advanced cell, I had gotten used to the effortlessness of the streamlined iPhone OS. Like the numerous other iPhone clients out there, I also had become an Apple fanboy. I had gotten cut off to some other alternatives, and with the appearance of the main Android telephone, I had agreed with my position in the war among Apple and Google.

As somebody who has constantly cherished innovation, and following quite a while of contending with my associate Tristan Thomas about which working framework is better, I've chosen to separate my hindrances, and discard my iPhone for a month so as to attempt the new "iPhone Killer," Sprint's HTC EVO 4G.

It's been one day up until this point, and here are my contemplations up to this point:


The EVO 4G and it's 1GHz Snapdragon processor is unquestionably quick. Truth be told, I anticipate perceiving how Apple's new 1GHz A4 chip feels in correlation on the new iPhone 4.


As a contender to the iPhone, I think Google has worked superbly of improving their program from when they at first propelled. In spite of the fact that I incline toward Apple's Safari program, the execution of Adobe Flash is in reality an improvement that I figure Apple ought to reevaluate.

Commercial center and Applications

Sadly, the commercial center is more confounding than the App Store as far as finding what you need.

The applications are what you would expect of a contender. Notwithstanding, in the gaming office, they are inadequate. The main issue that I've seen with applications in the Android OS is that, after an endeavor at downloading one of their games, it necessitated that I squeezed "Up" for it to work. The main issue with that is, I don't have a physical console, and that worries me.


The EVO 4G's 4.3" screen is one of the most lovely screens that I presently can't seem to see on such a little gadget. It's goals is sharp, clear, lively, and the most huge screen to date. It might even make for an extraordinary substitution for my HDTV! Not so much, yet with this new benchmark put for cell phones, it's very conceivable that may one day be the situation.


In light of the EVO 4G's screen size, the gadget itself is excessively enormous. I discover inconvenience composing on the console, and in any event, putting the gadget to lay down with my forefinger in light of the fact that there are no different fastens other than the one at the top to wake the telephone from rest. It additionally doesn't feel as great as my iPhone in my pocket.

Programming Keyboard

Without a doubt, it sucks. I comprehend that changes should be made, and that these things set aside some effort to become acclimated to, anyway it didn't take long for me to become acclimated to the iPhone's console when originally presented. Cut, duplicate, and glue, isn't generally as simple as I had trusted it to be. Nor was moving the cursor between letters, numbers, and so on. Where we have the small amplifying glass for that, Android doesn't. With Android's touch to slide for numbers and accents, and squeezing of a catch to evacuate the console, it's truly something that I'm not going to be anticipating these next not many weeks.


In spite of the fact that I have not yet put the battery to test, it is by all accounts similarly tantamount to my iPhone 3G depends on how rapidly it depleted with the entirety of the use.

In general

The EVO 4G and Android certainly tops my advantage, and I'm happy that I've chosen to give it a shot. Up until this point, I feel Apple's iPhone interface is certainly increasingly streamlined, yet Android is going the correct way. There are certainly some new highlights that I support, for example, gadgets, complete reconciliation with Google, put away warnings, and Flash. Be that as it may, what I don't care for is the powerlessness to make calls and use information at the same time, however that is just a CDMA organize shortcoming. I am likewise worried about application similarity as previously mentioned, just as having the option to comprehend my telephone before the finish of the multi day term.

Pardon me on the off chance that I fell off somewhat one-sided. Maybe my point of view will change with expanded utilization of the EVO.

I'll be pre-requesting the iPhone 4 June fifteenth, anticipate another article in 30 days. In it, my choice will be made on whether to keep this telephone in the wake of giving a shot the new iPhone 4 for around 15 days, partially through my 30 days of having the EVO 4G.